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Founded in 2007, Acorn Global Institute, Dubai, is a private educational institute located in Mazaya Business Avenue, Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The heart of our curriculum drives to develop academic learning, university testing and preparation skills. We are not a tutoring center; instead, our academy classes are designed to be a focused sequenced curriculum beginning from grade 3 through to grade 12. We provide curricula for a variety of subjects including: English, Mathematics and Korean Language. Our language classes focus on academic excellence and on teaching much needed reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills. Further, they are designed to improve focus and to increase academic and study skills and to instil critical thinking, reading and writing abilities. Ultimately, our classes, curriculum and methodology, we believe, provide a platform to success.

Throughout, our English curriculum uses a varied and skill appropriate level of TOEFL and SAT study materials, providing international standards for both learning and assessment. Though these classes use TOEFL and SAT materials, they are not meant exclusively for testing preparation; indeed, our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes, and curriculum, serve as a basis to assist young academics in taking their first steps toward being more critical thinkers and more confident learners, readers and communicators. Our Mathematics curriculum utilizes the Middle Year Program (MYP) curriculum of the IB Mathematics program and aims to promote the beauty, power and usefulness of mathematics whilst equipping students with the knowledge and skills they will required for academic success. The MYP is both robust and flexible enough to accommodate the demands of most international and local curricula. It is sequenced and builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in the IB Primary Year Program (PYP). As the middle step of a three-step curriculum, this program is a precursor for the rigours of the Diploma Program.

Our Institute further distinguishes itself as:

  • It is designed to be more than after-school tutoring;
  • Classes work to bolster focus and to improve critical thinking and general study skills;
  • Classes work to bolster communication skills – focusing on the negotiation of meaning and on the language, and problem-solving abilities, for young learners to work together;
  • Our approach utilizes and identifies relevant elements of authentic situations (texts, articles and novels) and assists learners in applying appropriate strategies to successfully reach a solution;
  • We follow international assessment and curriculum standards: TOEFL, SAT, International Baccalaureate (IB) Mathematics and International English Test (IET)


Acorn Global endeavors to be a leader in developing young academic minds – enlivening empowering young learners with the skills necessary to achieve critical, independent thought; to encourage young learners to use reasoning and to engage in ethical communication in order to negotiate meaning. Our focus is to improve learning and imbue academic confidence by providing a rigorous, relevant curriculum – a curriculum which promotes learning focus, student involvement and opens young minds to future learning and to a global perspective.


Vision. It’s what drives this academy. Vision makes our founding principles possible – keeping us focused on the future – on our priorities: what we need to do and where we need to be. To this end, vision is what guides and informs the academy’s decision making processes which, in turn, influences every aspect of what we bring to our community. Our vision is further enhanced by our PTM system, a series of processes, which support our focus, our vision, and help to manage and to deliver our services to you.

YOUR open, willing mind and yearning to improve + OUR empowering, skill-driven curriculum and methodology = IMPROVES Improved confidence, academic skill and a INSTILS a forward thinking – future focused mind.

The Acorn Global curriculum is designed to help young learners establish a foothold into critical reading and thinking skills.

The classes are challenging as most learners, when first coming to the class, suffer from:

  • Poor learning skills, and study habits;
  • Poor language and communication skills;
  • A lack of sufficient reading skills – specifically the ability to connect to what they are learning and to what they are reading;
  • A lack of writing skills – learners suffer from a poor understanding of organization, idea development, supporting and relating skills as well as grammar and sentence structures


Our learning outcomes are best observed when young learners emerge as better, more confident readers and learners. Indeed, for many, it is not the reading – or the words on the page – which is problematic; instead, more often, it is a student’s ability to think about or to interpret meaning from what is being read. This is unfortunate as learning is hindered by poor reading and processing skills. Our strengths and classroom experiences are further evidenced by the following:

  • Increased focus and improved thinking and reasoning skills
  • Improved study skills: highlighting, note taking, the negotiation of and the connection to meaning
  • Keener understanding of vocabulary, grammar, sentence structures and writing development

Our pedagogy emphasizes study, thinking and reasoning skills. It helps to teach young minds how to pay more attention and how to make better connections to what is being read and to what is being studied. These skills are an important part of learning and of reading both. Further, and more importantly for school-aged learners is the fact that now is an important time to really solidify language, study and learning skills. No doubt, it is best to start early to develop good habits, too.

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